Lip Sync

This is an excercise we did for practising lip sync. We were given clips of sound and had to work in groups to make characters from bits and bobs and make them look as though they were speaking the words. I worked with Justine and Amer and we did the scenes with Barrack Obama having dinner with a snail, and the guy with a sock puppet shouting “LOOK LOOK LOOK!!” who I think is some kind of important politician. I think this was an interesting excercise. I think sometimes the mouth movements are too drastic in too short a space of time, and occasionally go out of sync. It is a shame that two of the scenes have peoples hands flicking in and out of the shot. I imagine these were from the same group.

I believe the words are from the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

I shall now dissappear in a puff of logic.

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