Character Design Drawings Done In Lewis's Workshops

These are some of the drawings I did in Lewis’s classes:


This is Amer’s, Steve’s and My own character, which we designed a few weeks ago in a scene I thought they might fit in. You can see my original idea for the drawing in the thumbnail at the top of the image. I think my character and Steves character fitted quite well together as they were in a similar style. I liked Amer’s character but it was more complicated to draw and I don’t think it fits so well with me and Steve’s characters, but I think I can learn from that and make sure that characters in the same scene fit well with each other.

These are some of the pages in my sketchbook when I was trying to come up with a character.


This was my initial page of rough designs, I then went through and drew my final design in different poses and situations.




I am quite pleased with my character design. It took a lot of versions to get it right, but I am satisfied with it in the end. I think I managed to make it not look too ugly without it being really cute. And he looks quite funny when he is terrified. I imagine this character as having a lot of accidents, hence the weird eye. He is clumsy and panicky and his friend Eric is always trying to get him out of scrapes.

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