This was a test animation I did for our project “Readaptation”, I worked with Naomi, Katharina, and Tom. We were asked to make a storyboard, adapting the work of another group, who had made a storyboard adapted from “The City in the Sea” by Edgar Allan Poe.

This was a test animation I did for fun to show how I thought the camera could move through the city. It doesn’t look visually very detailed, but seeing as it was a test to practice the movement, and the depth, I don’t think that matters. I think the movement is successful, however the bridge at the top only moves upwards, it doesn’t get bigger, which is what would appear to happen if you were to film that live action, although I don’t think it matters, as it gives it a slightly disorientating effect.

For some reason Youtube skips the first couple of seconds when you play that video for the first time, so, considering it is only 4 seconds long, it may be best to play it again, once it has played through.

I will edit this post at some point and include a photograph of the storyboard we came up with.

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