Where Did Everybody Go??!!

Today nearly everybody was missing. Amer has twisted his ankle, so was not in, and will probably not be in for a while. Justine is ill, Pedro is stuck in Amsterdam, Lydia was missing, the shop lady was ill, most of the library staff were ill, and, perhaps worst of all, the coffee machine by reception is broken due to a water leekage.

So that left me and Naomi to try and do a test animation, as we couldn’t do the proper version because the cardboard we needed was to be gotten from the shop, which was closed, due to illness. Anyway, we at least managed to learn something from our test animation, which we can apply to our finished one: we need a lot more ‘in-betweens’ to make the girls movement look nicer. I expect I will put the test animation up at some point, once I have got a copy of it.

I have bought microwavable curry from Lidl for dinner. It does taste nicer than it sounds… Honest!!

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