Space- The Back Of Naomi's Head

This drawing was supposed to be showing depth, however, because we were all standing in such a small area I ended up drawing Naomi’s Head.

Naomi's Head

I think it looks quite good now I have cropped it. I think I may do a more detailed remake of this image later on, as this was quite a quick drawing, I would like to do a better one, as I think the composition could be made to look really good, with Naomi looking out into the distance.

The thing in the middle is a squirrel, which ran across the road. I got the perspective wrong, as it looks like a Fox sized one. Squirrels are amazing, especially the Jedi variety:


I found this picture on, which is linked to in my Interesting Websites list to the right near the top of this page. I am unsure of where it actually originated from though, I suspect it was done by a schoolboy with too much time on his hands and a rip-off version of photoshop, alternatively it could be subliminal messaging from foreign governments… Who knows…?

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