Phillip Warner

A few weeks ago Phillip Warner came in to give a workshop on animating our character designs. He does freelance illustration, design and animation. We used character designs that we did in Lewis’s workshops and drew them in a series of expressions to show the changing of their expression. We were told to draw it with three drawings, showing the character look, and react to something above them to make an ‘animatic’ of the movement. I added a few extra drawings in mine to show what it was he was reacting too.

If I was going to make this into an animation rather than an animatic I would have to insert the inbetween frames to show the movement between the different poses you see in this animatic.

Because I had some time left at the end of the session I decided to try and make another animation of my fly flying:

It is quite a short animation, but as it was just a test I don’t think that matters. I had to try a few things before coming up with this. I think I could have made it better by instead of having the wings in different positions in each frame just having a blur with various wing shapes that would change slightly from frame to frame to hint at the very fast movement of the flies wings.

Phillip came back again yesterday to show us how to animate a ‘walk cycle’, which is when you make an animation of a character walking. He taught us to draw out a layout sheet before starting to draw our frames for the animation. After a few tries and modifications I had this by the end of the day:

I think this is very successful and I have surprised myself at how well this animation has turned out. Apart from a very tiny jolt in the middle, that is barely noticable I think it is a very smooth walk cycle. I think this walk cycle workshop will be very useful for the “Individual Voice”, as in our animation for that project we need to show our character walking.

I think both of Phillips workshops have been very useful, and I would like it if he came and gave us more animation workshops in the future.

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