Individual Voice – Sitting Up

For our project “The Individual Voice” I am working with Justine, Amer and Naomi. We were asked to make a one minute animation where we each animated at least fifteen seconds based on events in our lives. We decided to look at childhood fears. Justine said she was always afraid that there was a man living in her garden with a rabbits head. Amer said that he was afraid of prawns defrosting humans, and that if he was a prawn he would have been called ‘Alex’, I still do not know how he came to this conclusion.

We decided that we would use these ideas in our animation, and started working on a storyboard, which we then made into an animatic. This is the section of the animatic that I worked on:

We then started working on a section of animation earlier on in the piece. We wanted to work with cut outs as we felt this would be a good way of including some texture and colour in our film. It also meant our time would be arranged slightly differently so that we were spending less time drawing and more time cutting. We thought it might be quicker, but I think overall it takes about the same time as if we had drawn it.

Our first test at having the girl sit up in bed went horribly wrong and failed completely:

We then decided we needed to replace different cutouts during the movement in order to get it slightly smoother. We decided the best way to do this for her sitting up was to hand draw the animation and make the cut outs based on that. This is our first test:

I decided this one was too slow, so I took out some frames and made this version:

This one slows down when she is halfway up, which I thought looked wrong, so I took out another couple of frames and came up with this:

I felt that this was the perfect speed for her sitting up, as she slows down just as she reaches the top of the movement. From this point I made a series of cut outs which I used to make a further test animation, which I shall upload shortly. I think I might go to sleep now, as my lovely flatmates have just gone out, so it may be the only chance to sleep I get in the next few days.

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