My Own Test

I have made a test to try and make my own version of the flickery stereograph animated .gifs I linked to in my previous post. This is what I came up with, unfortunately wordpress doesn’t seem to like animated .gifs so you’ll have to click it:

I only used one camera, which I moved slightly for the different angles. I think it works well for giving a sense of depth, but I think I moved the camera too much. I might have another go later on. In future I intend to try and make an animation in a similar style. I think I will have to wait for when I go home over christmas and borrow my mums camera, which is quite similar to mine and use them both to shoot something moving. I don’t know how I can make the lenses close enough together as the rest of the camera’s will get in the way. Perhaps I just have to aim them at something further away so that it doesn’t matter.

If I were to try and make a stop motion animation using this stereograph style effect to give a sense of depth I think I will have to pan with any movement as I think the foreground object needs to have both camera’s facing it in order for the effect to work. Whether or not any animation I make in this way would be extremely hard to look at I think it would be an interesting effect.

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1 Response to My Own Test

  1. Naomi says:

    This makes me want to throw up.

    Well done!

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